The Service

Authoritative but diplomatic, non-alienating personal attention from licensed and bonded attorneys who specialize in collection law.
LLS places all accounts with a law firm, whether for collection or litigation, anywhere in the United States. A series of direct personal contacts are scheduled in writing, and followed-up with phone contact to ensure optimum results. The total number of the contacts will vary from case to case based on factors like the amount of the debt, the responsiveness of the debtor, their reactions to the contacts and the availability of information.
The attorney will work out an arrangement that is agreeable to both sides, but always seeking to recover your funds in full, and as soon as possible. In many cases, our effort is immediately productive, whether in full or part, because the slow-paying or delinquent customer is now aware of our presence and what our job is. While some simply hold out until they are placed for collection, others will hold out even longer and may wait to be sued before they will pay. We are able to deliver the service needed on any level to effectuate a recover for our clients.
LLS is a nationwide network of fully accredited, licensed and bonded collection attorneys, and only collection attorneys. No one practicing real estate or divorce law who dabbles in collections -- strictly attorneys well versed in, and who make their living practicing collection law in every state. Each attorney is required to provide regular reports of their actions, while LLS staff members prepare monthly reports for our clients, keeping track of all the detail and monitoring every case to a successful conclusion. We will also be happy to take over on cases where someone else has left off or simply failed to do the job. If you are stuck holding what you believe to be uncollectible judgments, let LLS take a look -- if we can't get your money, no one can.
Through Legal Liaison Service, you have the assurance that every effort is professionally executed by our attorneys and staff to accelerate your cash flow and recover your slow-paying, delinquent or charged-off accounts and bad debts.