The Cost


As little as 15% contingent upon recovery, billed monthly.

A contingent fee is billed after recovery of amounts, and invoiced at the end of each calendar month. When your funds are recovered, they are immediately sent to you, in full. We do not deposit your funds and remit when we get around to it like others out there. If a recovery is made on March 10th, you receive the funds in full, and are then billed for our fee on March 31st. You then have another 15 days in which to remit the fee due to LLS. That's recovery value -- a full 5 weeks of use of your funds before payment is due.

Our rate schedule is as follows:

Commercial claims Non-commercial claims
$200 and up 15% $200 and up 25%
Under $200 30% Under $200 35%

To receive these low rates, a fully refundable service fee is deposited with LLS. With each invoice you receive, you will find the amount recovered and the fee calculated for each recovery, a total of all recoveries, the total fee due LLS, and a 15% discount off the total amount due. This discount comes from your service fee deposit which continues to decrease as recoveries are made over time, and is eventually liquidated in full. Your service fee is thus fully returned to you through use of the service.

For the more limited user, we also offer access to our service without the service fee commitment, but at the rates listed below:

Commercial claims Non-commercial claims
$200 and up 25% $200 and up 35%
Under $200 35% Under $200 45%